Sunday, June 6, 2010

Garden photos from the beginning of June

I uploaded these to Facebook, but thought I'd post em here as well. I'm thrilled with how well my starts grew and that this entire garden, with the exception of two cuke plants, was grown from seed. Even adding seven beds this year (well, four beds are in the general area of a sprawly corn patch we had last year, but now they're raised and sided and amended more thoroughly), I still want more space to plant. We'll see what I'm saying come harvest and preservation time!
A new sideyard tomato and leek bed.

Zen crept under the bird netting, got bored waiting for thieving robins, and decided to take a bath.

The seedlings that didn't find a place in the beds! Some gardening friends have asked to adopt, so they'll get a home after all.

Suburb fresh eggs!

These are homemade versions of Earthboxes, the self-watering, self-fertilizing containers that are supposed to multiply yields dramatically. I've planted peppers in these two and cukes in a third and will compare yields to the plants in my raised beds.

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LilacCottageGoats said...

Your garden looks great!!! I wish mine was as weed free as yours.