Sunday, June 20, 2010

Medieval fair fun

Yesterday was the first day of the Colorado Medieval Festival, an annual weekend that we look forward to every year. Harry, in particular this year, counted down the weeks to it. We had a lovely time at the fair. Harry was knighted, and got to practice his courtly bows as he returned a lost play sword to another young knight; Willow got to discover that her shyness is abating as she was called up on stage to assist a magician/comedian with his act. We visited with various vendors and craftspeople, listened to lovely a cappella performances and picnicked on the shore of the county park lake.

The only thing to mar this lovely experience happened today, as we were getting ready to head out to a movie that Steve wanted to see, "The Secret of Kells." *Just* as I was walking out the door, I saw that Harry's beloved fox tail, one of two purchases he had been saving for over several months, was shredded to bits on the bedroom floor. It seems Sunny had gotten on top of Harry's dresser via the bed and dragged it out of a not quite closed top drawer. He was devastated as only an 8-year-old who had "totally bonded" to his new tail could be. Steve, bless him, is willingly driving back to the Fair right now to see if the vendor might still have some tails in stock, and we're hoping to make the evening showing of Kells when he returns. What a wonderful father he is!

Some beautiful kids in their medieval garb.

A picnic of bread and cheese on the banks of the lake.

This is Harry, showing appropriate respect for his new dagger. The ill-fated fox tail is at his waist.

Willow's debut as a magician's assistant. She really enjoyed herself!

Local color.


LilacCottageGoats said...

I do 18TH century reenacting. I love it. I do battles from the Rev War 1777-1782.
It looks like your children are having a wonderful time.
I think you are right, you do have a great husand/father. He sounds like a keeper.


article said...

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Toby Sullivan said...

Kid have thrived. And, yes, they are both beautiful.